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Accord-201: 7-seat amphibious airplane


Accord-201 airplane Accord-201 airplaneAs with the original, this improved model is a multi-purpose, amphibious aircraft, with retractable floats and a large, rear-facing cargo door. Major improvements are the addition of two additional seats, for a total of seven, and a change of engines. Power and reliability are substantially improved by using «Teledyne Continental Motors» IO-360s. The design now incorporates twin tail fins, to deal with the increased take-off thrust. The airframe has been improved and simplified to increase reliability, and to make it economical to produce.

The craft has been flown from both land and water. All the pilots who have flown this plane have praised its outstanding performance. The aircraft was exhibited at the Moscow Air Shows of '97 and '99. It is included in recent editions of «Jane's All the World's Aircraft», together with the original prototype.

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