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My airplanes:
Accord Prototype
Accord 201

  Eugene Maslov, aeronautical engineer  

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My airplanes:


Accord-prototype airplane This is a multi-purpose, amphibious aircraft. Two of its most interesting features are retractable floats, and a large, rear-facing cargo door. I created it as the Chief Designer of the Accord design bureau. The craft has been flown extensively, both from standard airstrips and rough fields. It was exhibited at the Moscow Air Shows of '91, '93, and '95, and is included in all recent editions of Jane's All the World's Aircraft. Our test pilot, Michael Nickiforov, made successful, near-aerobatic flights with it. However, many problems were encountered with the Russian-made powerplants. These engines did not prove reliable, and produced substantially less power than their rated output. The prototype, therefore, did not have sufficient power to fly from water. Since customers were requesting more payload capacity, the design was re-engineered to become the Accord-201.

First flight: April 18, 1994
Seats: 5
Engines: 2x160 hp, rotary-piston
     (actual power was less than 100 hp)
Take-off roll (land):170 m (558 ft)
Stall speed: 85 km/h (53 mph)
Maximum speed: 270 km/h (168 mph)
Maximum range: 1200 km (746 miles)

Image gallery of Accord-Prototype airplane Image gallery of "Accord-Prototype"
Layout drawings of "Accord-Prototype"
Video records of Accord-Prototype airplane flights Video records of "Accord-Prototype" flights


Accord-201 airplane As with the original, this improved model is a multi-purpose, amphibious aircraft, with retractable floats and a large, rear-facing cargo door. Major improvements are the addition of two additional seats, for a total of seven, and a change of engines. Power and reliability are substantially improved by using Teledyne Continental Motors IO-360s. The design now incorporates twin tail fins, to deal with the increased take-off thrust. The airframe has been improved and simplified to increase reliability, and to make it economical to produce. The craft has been flown from both land and water. All the pilots who have flown this plane have praised its outstanding performance. The aircraft was exhibited at the Moscow Air Shows of '97 and '99. It is included in recent editions of Jane's All the World's Aircraft, together with the original prototype.

Accord-201 airplane
First flight: July 17, 1997
Seats: 7
Engines: (2) 210 hp TCM
Take-off roll (land): 170 m (558 ft)
Stall speed: 109 km/h (68 mph)
Maximum speed: 302 km/h (188 mph)
Maximum range: 3400 km (2113 miles)

Image gallery of Accord-201 airplane Image gallery of "Accord-201"
Layout drawings of Accord-201 airplane Layout drawings of "Accord-201"
Video records of Accord-201 airplane flights Video records of "Accord-201" flights

My present and future:

"Mist" project

MIST amphibious airplane projectThis aircraft is designed to meet transportation needs along the sea coasts of Russia. With economic crisis, overhead costs of ship transportation are making that industry less viable. The Mist could reduce travel time for some people from two days to two hours, at half the cost, with vastly improved comfort. The new aircraft would also be useful in remote areas where roads and railways are less than optimal. Structure of the airframe is simple and cost effective. Improvements in aerodynamic efficiency provide for useful cruise speeds and increased range.

Seats: 10
Engine: 360 hp
Take-off roll (water): 275 m (902 ft)
Stall speed: 85 km/h (53 mph)
Maximum speed: 220 km/h (136 mph)
Maximum range w/o additional tanks: 1350 km (839 miles)

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: Nov 2, 1964
Marital status: Married + 1

1988: Aeronautical engineer degree from Moscow Aviation Institute

1983 to 1988: Student Design Bureau of Moscow Aviation Institute, aeronautical technician. Participated in creation of "Photon", "Junior" (Now in series production, known as "Aviatica MAI 890"), "Acrobat" airplanes.

1988 to 1989: Aeronautical Engineer at Nizhegorodsky Aviation Plant design Bureau. Supported series production of some military planes.

1989 to 1990: Air Club of the Aviation Plant, leader of department of light airplanes

1990 to 1997: "Accord" Design bureau, Chief Designer. Created "Accord-Prototype" and "Accord-201" amphibious airplanes. The whole scope of work, from layout design to production and flight tests. Personal responsibility for flights safety.

1997 up to now: MATRA Datavision (EADS Aerospatiale Matra group, Paris, France), manager of Quality Assurance team in Nizhny, and manager of the Web team. Testing quality of CAD aplications under development. Developing bug trackers and other specific program tools for testing. Participation in creation of Euclid Quantum new full-cycle CAD system, converters between Euclid3 and CATIA, Open Cascade great open source project, etc. Participaton in creation of corporate web sites with automatic content management. In 2003, Matra Datavision was sold to IBM, and Open CASCADE Company, together with me, was sold separately to Principia Research & Development, worldwide-known editor of finite-element solvers

My skills

1. The whole cycle of creating airplanes to meet FAR-23: developing technical requirements, economical, aerodynamic, strength, dynamics computations, design and construction of airplanes, all production processes, etc., up to flight tests and organizing series production.

2. Leading development and production staff.

3. Working in CAD systems: ANVIL 4000, 5000; CATIA v4, v5; Euclid 3; Eucid Styler; Euclid Quantum; Bentley MicroStation 95; AutoCads 12, 13, 14.

4. Developing applications in Assemblers, Pascal, C++, Java, Delphi Client-Server Suite, Visual Basic, MS Office with VBA, using HTML, Perl, CGI, PHP, mySQL, Macromedia Flash 5.

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Scaled Composites Scaled Composites - Burt Rutan's company. The most exciting and beautiful airplanes of this century.
Hydroplanes. Vincent Fabri Web site of Vincent Fabri, wonderful French webmaster and enthusiast of hydroplanes. Great stories about his adventures.

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